Derrick L. Welton ( An introverted visual artist)

Age: 28

From: levittown, Pa

Growing up I struggled with trying to find my fit in life. From dreams of playing pro basketball that didn't pan out too well lol, trying to fit in amongst my peers and even moving a paint brush along an empty canvas. I knew in the back of my mind whatever I chose to do I just wanted to make people laugh, smile and to create something special because thats what I enjoy doing the most.

It wasn't until Late 2012 when I first received my first dslr(camera). Diving into the world of photography allowed me to escape to a place where I didn't have to be uncomfortable but felt at peace with myself and my surroundings. The beauty and different emotions I've discovered through individuals to strolling around different parts of my environment to capture something new is unique to look back on after time goes by. So with that being said sit back and enjoy the views.

Peace and blessings to all 🙏🏾